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Pond Liner
Buy from us roll of pond liner made of RPE. The installation of lining is necessary to prevent any kind of damage to fish crops from potential risk of chemicals and additives. This material can resist UV rays and puncture. 
Air Blower
Get in touch with us to buy this easy to install air blower. This equipment uses force to rotate the fan and transfer air at high flow rate. It is used in applications that require gas/ air flow. 
Root Blower
If you want to buy an equipment that can produce constant airflow, then consider root blower. It is a positive displacement blower that finds use in many industrial processes. 
Vermi Compost Bed
Farmers are adopting organic farming practices as people are more replying on organically produced food. Farmers can buy from us vermi compost beds to carry out organic farming. 
Aquaculture Tank
Use and re-use aquaculture tanks to produce fish. In a very short period of time, these tanks can be installed on-site on or above ground level. If you want these tanks for fish breeding, then contact us today.